by Jay Kennedy

Questions: 1
Time: limited by life
Required: No less than ONE MILLION WORDS as your answer


Note: Do not answer until you get to the test question.

Instead of thinking of things being cool, or proper, or "the right way," think of how you want them to be. What bothers you about life and what would you like to change? If art is something you want to seriously persue...then you will be seriously adding something to the world...the question is, what do you want to add? Do you want to send a message? What message? Who should hear this message? How should it be presented?

If your answers to those questions are general, then you have not truly thought about the question....the question then becomes an annoyance, something you want to swat like a fly, instead of conquering like a hero. You can't conquer without knowing your opponent. Your oppenent is "why." Your answer is "why not." Your future will elaborate specifically why not. If you have to think about it, then you haven't thought about it. Does it matter to you what others think of you, or your beliefs? Or is it more important to you to be yourself? Do things seem okay, but slightly better if altered in a way that you just thought of? Can you make them that way? Do you WANT to make them that way? Can you live with yourself if you don't make them that way? How irresistable is the urge? Is there any urge at all?

Never be lazy to yourself. To be lazy, is to think about the fact that you're not doing something else. To do something else, is to not be lazy.

Maybe you think all of that is deep...do you know why you think it is deep? Could you say why in 25 words or less? Could you say why in 1,000,000 words or more? Do you fear writing 1,000,000 words or more about what you believe in?

Do you HAVE 1,000,000 words to say about ANYTHING? Is there anything WORTH 1,000,000 words? If so, will you say them? When?

Can you live with yourself if you don't?

Do you call yourself an artist? If not, are you an artist?

QUESTION ONE: (read the question carefully)

What are your instructions that you need to read before answering your test question?