FACT . . .


Less than 3% of the world has a college education of any kind, and less than 50% of those who attended college have actually graduated.* SMALL* *LESS* *FEW*

How many of the people in this world do you think make collage? How many do you think actually understand collage? *SMALLER* *LESSER* *FEWER*

How many collage artists want their collage to have a specific meaning, and go out of their way to make every aspect of their collage relate to this meaning? *SMALLEST* *LESSEST* *FEWEST*

How many people will actually understand the meaning of the very few collage artists making this meaningful college? *LESS THAN ZERO*



Fact: It is easier to make collage
Fact: It is still difficult to make meaningful collage
Fact: It is easier to distribute collage
Fact: It is still difficult to get people to appreciate it
Fact: It is easier to find material to insert in the collage
Fact: It is still difficult to make sense of the material and its order
Fact: Top 40 is based on popularity
Fact: Popularity is based on familiarity
Fact: Familiarity is lack of originality
Fact: Meaningful collage is not, hasn't been, nor will be a trend.

Fact: Your art comes from your heart
Fact: It will forever be difficult to express your heart
Fact: Technology makes it so everyone can try
Fact: Not everyone tries
Fact: Fewer people express their heart in the form of art
Fact: Fewer artists express their art in the form of collage
Fact: Fewer collage artists express their collage with meaning
Fact: Fewer people than that...far fewer...will understand it.

Few people go
Fewer graduate
Fewer...far fewer...know why they did.

Congratulations Collage Graduates

You will not get paid
You will not be understood
You will not be liked
You will be yourself
You will be alive
You will be unique
You will be an artform

Do you believe teaching is an artform?

You might touch someone's heart with your art
You might be a teacher
You might have a student
You might teach your student
Your student might learn
Do you believe that student might teach others?
Do you believe that others may help others in turn?
Do you believe that the world may change because of others?

Do you believe in art?
Do you believe in your art?
Do you believe in you?

Class Is Missed