It’s old!. . . No, wait a minute, it’s brand new!?!. . .  What the heck is going on here?
It’s the latest album from The Button: “Prefound”
A long time ago in a studio far, far away, there were these three guys, a bunch of keyboards, a sampler and a tape machine.  Then something happened.  But what? Music? Possibly.  A jazz-like experimentation of sound and samples?  Well, maybe, but nevertheless, there it was, rich and full sounding.
But that was 1998.
And, while it was good and all, it just wasn’t “Button” sounding.
Now it’s 2000.  The times have changed, and Transmit-O-Matic started doing business with the Button Press.  They share ideas, and yet, somehow, the range and scope of their collective media outpouring has increased.  They had some material too, it was even older, sample tests and complex constructions, interesting, but not very “Button” either.
So, there was this material, and as we members of The Button and Transmit-O-Matic [which really are the same people, even if they have different identities, like the two hemispheres of the brain] looked those old sounds over, we liked it, but it sounded so old, so out of date.  Something needed to be done.

Well, we did the one thing we could do, what we’re best at:  Buttonizing.
Hey, wait a minute there, you got your samples in my music!
No, you got you music in my samples!
Here, now, in easy-to-swallow album format, is what happens when you turn the Culture-Eating power that is collage onto the artists that let it loose in the first place.  “Honey, We Just Sampled Ourselves!”
So here it is:  “Prefound”, the new album from The Button.  Yes, it is new, and yes, it is also a powerful look into the mechanism that makes The Button work. 
Look for it.  Buy it.  Listen to it.  Hear the shocking changes of theme, of content, of fish.

What’s with all those berries, and that rap?  (they rap?  I didn’t know they could rap.)
Can you dance to it?  Yes?  No?  Maybe?  Meta-music for the meta-cultural.
Not just  new, but old!.  It’s “Prefound”, by the Button.

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